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Help Summary

  • You may be the creator of up to 10 galleries, each of which may have up to 5 total members.
  • You may upload via the website a photo up to 20 megabytes.
  • You may upload via an email attachment a photo up to 10 megabytes.
  • Photos will be resized proportionally such that their longest dimension, width or height, is 700 pixels. This means the file you upload should be at least that wide or tall in one dimension.
  • Photos may be in the JPEG, GIF, PNG or TIFF image format.
  • Your originally uploaded file is not saved on the server, so please keep a backup of that file.

What is Photo Wednesday?

Photo Wednesday is a weekly photo sharing website where you have photo conversations with your friends and family. These conversations take the form of a photo gallery, where each member of the gallery shares a photo each Wednesday.

How do I use Photo Wednesday?

You participate on Photo Wednesday by being a member of a gallery with a small group of friends.

  1. You either create a new gallery and invite up to four friends, or you are invited to a gallery by one of your friends. All of these activities take place on your account page.
  2. Each Wednesday you will receive an email reminding you to upload a photo to the gallery for that week.
  3. You may reply to this email and attach a photo to upload that photo to the gallery. Or, you may go to the website and upload a photo from the gallery page. There are limitations on how large the photo may be, please see below for more specifics.
  4. We have found that photos taken that week feel the most exciting and pertinent to the other members of the gallery. Although, uploading older photos can be enjoyably nostalgic as well.

Why would I use Photo Wednesday?

We designed Photo Wednesday to help us stay in touch with people close to us, especially those who are far away. We have found that a photograph, especially an evocative image, specific to a group of friends, is fantastic encouragement to stay in touch with someone.

Why are there no comments on the site?

We intentionally chose not to provide text comments on the site because it is our hope that you and your friends will have these conversations using other, more personal mediums, such as a phone call or a long email. We have found that in this era of instant messages and status updates, a slow, weekly conversation with someone is refreshing, and indeed more meaningful. It is our wish that this will be true for you as well.


If you choose to create a new gallery, you may invite up to 4 other people to be members of the gallery. You will need to know their email addresses when you create the gallery so that invitations can be sent to them. Once the gallery has been created, you will not be able to invite anyone else to the gallery.

If a week or more goes by when no member of a gallery uploads a photo, then nothing will happen in the gallery, there will be no blank spaces. In other words, the gallery will lie fallow, awaiting your return whenever that might be.

There is currently no way to leave or delete a gallery, though soon you will be able to archive a gallery, effectively leaving it.


Photo Wednesday is not a traditional photo sharing site, like Flickr or Picasa. We do not store the original image you upload. If you wish to keep the original image, please make sure there is a backup copy of it.

  • Photos should be at least 700 pixels in one dimension, width or height. Full sized images will be resized so that their longest dimension is 700 pixels.
  • If you are uploading your photo from your computer using the website, the largest file size it can be is 20 megabytes. If you have an option, please save us a few dollars and use a smaller file size.
  • If you are uploading by attaching a photo to an email and sending it to your gallery email address, the attached file may not be more than 10 megabytes.
  • Photos may be in the JPEG, GIF, PNG or TIFF image format. Most personal digital cameras produce files in one of these formats and should work just fine.

Why did you make Photo Wednesday?

Photo Wednesday began when we started to email a photo to each other every Wednesday as an art project, which was an attempt to tell the story of our lives in a photographic conversation. We began to realize that other people wanted to have similar conversations with us, so we created this website to let others participate.